KVDA Introduction & Mandate

Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (KVDA) was formally established on 1stBaishak 2069 BS (13th April 2012), under the “Kathmandu Valley Development Authority Act 2045”. KVDA officially initiated its activities from 15thBaisakh 2069 BS (27th April 2012), with primary mandate to prepare and implement an integrated physical development plan for Kathmandu Valley, which encompasses five municipalities and 99 VDCs with estimated permanent population of Three million and floating population of another Two and a half millions.

The apex governing body of KVDA is the Kathmandu Valley Physical Development Committee, chaired by the Honorable Minister of Urban Development, with members consisting of four other ministers and nine secretaries of the Government of Nepal, Chief Executive Officers of five municipalities and Chairpersons of three District Development Committees. The Development Commissioner, a political appointee of the Government of Nepal, serves as the Member Secretary of the Committee and Chief Executive Officer of KVDA.