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KVDA Seeks Lead Role In Integrated Physical Development Of the Capital

  • Posted on: 2018-08-07

KATHMANDU, June 21 : In a bid to promote integrated physical development plans in the capital, Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (KVDA) has proposed to include a provision in the government´s policy and program for the new fiscal year that all the local bodies carry out physical development activities in the valley only after approval from the authority.

The KVDA was established under the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority Act-2045 on April 28, 2012 with the aim to entrust the authority with taking lead role in coordinating all the local bodies for any physical development activities in the valley. [beak]

“We were supposed to carry out integrated physical development activities in the valley by playing a role of mediator in coordinating with all the local bodies. But in lack of clear policy on integrated development approach, all the local bodies are carry out development activities in their suitable time. So, we want the government to come up with a policy that provides full authority to KVDA in integrating the activities of local bodies,” says Yogeshwor Krishna Parajuli, development commissioner of KVDA.

In lack of coordinated efforts of all the local bodies in carrying out development activities in the valley, sustainable development of physical infrastructures has not been possible.

“We have many examples where road authorities have demolished water pipes and demolished electricity and telecommunication infrastructures which fell on the road stretch during road construction and vice versa. So, we have proposed to ask the government to come up with a policy which bestows KVDA a lead role in integrating all the local bodies,” he adds.

He opines all the local bodies should officially inform KVDA before carrying out any physical development activities so that the authority can coordinate with other stakeholder authorities for sustainable development.

“If the government approves our proposal, we can carry out planned physical infrastructures development. For instance, if any road section is being blacktopped, we can ask drinking water and electricity authorities to install drinking pipes and erect electricity posts before road being blacktopped.”

KVDA has asked the government to come up with a policy in its policy and program for the new fiscal year provide authority to Kathmandu Valley Physical Development Committee, the governing body of KVDA, for approval of any development activities to be carried out by the local bodies.

The authority had submitted the proposal for the program and policy to the government through the Ministry of Urban Development.

For the overall development of the valley, KVDA is supposed to coordinate with local bodies and work for sustainable development in land administration, drinking water, sewerage and waste management, road, communication and electricity.