Functions of KVDA

  1. Planner/ Planning Agency
    • Preparation and implementation of PDP (Physical Development Plan) which includes:
      • TOD (Transit Oriented Development Plan) preparation and implementation
      • LUP (Land Use Plan) preparation incorporating risk sensitiveness as one of the features
  2. Developer/ Developing Agency
    • Land Development /Land Pooling
    • Open Space Revitalization/ Greenery Enhancement
    • Project(s) Transcending One Local Body
  3. Monitoring, Regulating and Prohibiting Agency
    • Preparation and implementation of valley-wide planning, building bye-Law
    • Preparation, implementation & monitoring of various urban development guidelines, handbooks and tools.
    • Coordinating with different line agencies, local authorities and development partners for integrated and inclusive development of the KV.
    • Preparation, implementation and monitoring of various regulating and prohibition mechanism for integrated development of the KV.